What is AutoMarque?

AutoMarque software enables teachers to mark students’ paper based responses to written work, multiple choice questions and practical work. They can mark a class of 30 students work in less than two minutes, using their photocopier or portable sheet fed scanner linked to a computer.

AutoMarque is a world first product. It enhances the user’s awareness of the quality of their pedagogy and of student learning. It is an outstanding productivity tool which processes survey responses in a few minutes instead taking hours. More

Quick marking

AutoMarque does your marking for you. It produces both weighted and non-weighted results and you can print off student feedback sheets.

AutoMarque enables teachers to quickly obtain insights into the quality of their teaching effectiveness. Now teachers can focus on the needs of the class.

Monitor student learning

AutoMarque provides a diagnosis of students’ learning. It stores test results so a history of student achievement is readily retrievable and student progress is easily and clearly demonstrated.

Effective feedback

AutoMarque can be used for conducting surveys such as parent and community questionnaires, optional subject choices, sports carnival choices and student self esteem surveys. The spread sheets generated by AutoMarque are a great time saver. Examples: A rating scale spreadsheet and a multiple choice spread sheet.